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In the News: CA$H MOB Marshalltown

What’s a Ca$h Mob, you ask? It’s a way to show our local small businesses that we support them! A few times each month, we’ll announce a Ca$h Mob planned for a particular day during a set amount of time.  Then, just prior to the event, we will also announce the location. We are asking local community members to join the fun and make a commitment to visit our Ca$h Mob locations. We suggest each participant spend $10 (or whatever your budget will allow).

For a chance to win $10 in Marshalltown Area Dollars, visit the Ca$h Mob, spend your $10, then take a selfie at the Ca$h Mob location and post to the Ca$h Mob Facebook page (@cashmobmtown).

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s supporting Marshalltown area businesses, and it’s keeping dollars local!