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How to Use Marshalltown More Than Ever

By: Kyley Leger, Vision Marshalltown Executive Director

Marshalltown More Than Ever is a way to focus on the Marshalltown story. It identifies us, celebrates our rich history, focuses on our world-class education, applauds our state leader position in business and education partnerships, highlights rich collaborations, and aspires continued growth.

How Do Businesses Use Marshalltown More Than Ever?

Marshalltown More Than Ever is a tagline and story created for use by individuals and businesses to show their connection to the community. It helps connect into a community collaboration. It associates a business or individual with the community as a whole.


Have a job posting or going to a career fair? Does your current material sell your company and the proposed job? Does it sell our community? Have you ever thought about how a candidate cares equally about the community they will be joining? Housing, amenities, schools, and things to do top the list of things people look at when moving to a community. We created a recruiting flyer that has the community selling points written on one side of the flyer and the other side of the flyer is for you to include your company or job posting information.

We’ve also developed a PowerPoint presentation that highlights Marshalltown More Than Ever as a great place to live, learn, and play. This presentation is short in number of slides, but powerful in community overview. It can be used during employee orientation or as a form of recruiting. Use as a standalone or combine with your company slides.


Do your 2021 goals include advertising? We designed a set of digital and print advertisements that promote Marshalltown More Than Ever. If you’re looking for a way to advertise, maybe this message can be adjusted to fit your business goals. Or maybe these advertisements can be used to support your company advertisements.


Do you have a social media account? Use our community hashtag to connect with the qualities in our community that stand out. What does your company offer that is better than your competition? Or, what first-class offerings do you have? These are all examples of how we are #MarshalltownMoreThanEver. Think about sharing more than your company content. Help other businesses promote their offerings by sharing their #MarshalltownMoreThanEver stories.

Email Signatures

Consider adding the phrase “Marshalltown More Than Ever” to the bottom of your signature or use the logo in your emails.

What Next?

Share Marshalltown More Than Ever stories with friends and family. Share them on digital media, tell your friends and neighbors, and start using the Marshalltown More Than Ever materials!

To find these files, visit www.marshalltown.org/morethanever/. For editable files, email office@marshalltown.org with your request.

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