New Year brings new ownership for Tannin Wine Bar

Tom and Mary Curley hand the reins of Tannin over to Megan and Gary Lanfier

“Change is inevitable, growth is optional”…a quote by John C. Maxwell..inspires this short story…
A leisurely, relaxing trip led to an inspired idea to bring a business to Marshalltown. Tom and Mary Curley were enjoying time & wine with their kids at Vino 209 in Valley Junction, when Mary commented “This is so enjoyable, why can’t Marshalltown have a place like this?” to which her son-in-law said “why don’t you start one?”…having owned and operated Mary Katherine’s Bridal Shop from 1999 to 2011, Mary said, “no way…not operating another business…I’m retired!”
On the way home, Tom brought the subject up once again by quizzing Mary about where a wine bar in Marshalltown could be located. Mary again reminded him that she was retired…but his comment and inquiry also piqued her interest, which led to more investigation. Over the next few days, their interest grew…a location was found, drawings were created, a “team” of knowledgeable people were put together and a date of July 26, 2018 was set for the opening.
July 19 put a halt to the opening date when Marshalltown experienced an EF-3 tornado. It was a short delay but necessary as the Curley’s had to get repairs done at home. So, a new date of September 12, 2018 was set and Tannin was opened to the public. It immediately became a hot spot in town, as it still is today. Tannin endured the tornado, COVID 19 and the derecho…it was touch and go for a while, but came thru all these ordeals and continues to be a hot spot in town with lots of entertainment.
Sept 12, 2022 started year five of Tannin. In July the word was out that Tannin would be closed or sold by the end of 2022. Mary and Tom are really ready to retire. In August, an employee told us that she and her husband were interested in buying Tannin and, hence, their dream and ours began to meld. As of January 1, 2023, Megan and Gary Lanfier will be the new owners of Tannin! And Mary and Tom couldn’t be more confident that Tannin will live on for many more years under this new ownership. Looking back, we’ve already survived 3 major disasters in 4 short years, so the Lanfier’s should have smooth sailing!
As the first week of January 2023 approaches, Megan and Gary are planning a week of Grand Re–Opening Events! Wednesday January 4 will start with a Chamber Ribbon Cutting at 4:30pm, music by Austin Chadderdon, Give-Always and lots of excitement! The entertainment lineup for the week includes Phil Shipley on Thursday, Chris Ranallo on Friday and Tom Box on Saturday! The rest of the month will feature other entertainers like Dave Thaker Trio, Kevin Boehnke & Kathryn Severing-Fox and Steve Grismore Trio! It’ll be a hoppin’ place!
“Change is inevitable, growth is optional” … and this “growth” is a key example. The community has been so supportive of Tannin, we are confident that this will carry thru and continue to grow as Gary and Megan carry on our legacy. Thank you again Marshalltown, for your support. It’s been our pleasure to create Tannin and we know it’s only going to get better.
Mary and Tom Curley

Opening week live music

Wednesday, January 4-Austin Chadderdon (5-7pm)

Thursday, January 5-Phil Shipley (5:30-7:30pm)

Friday, January 6-Chris Ranallo (6:30-9pm)

Saturday, January 7-Tom Box (6:30-9pm)