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Tourism Grant Program

Each fiscal year Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce Tourism sets aside a portion of their budget to offer financial assistance for meetings/events held in Marshalltown. This funding is acquired through the collection of Hotel/Motel tax dollars.

The grants are reserved to provide assistance for marketing purposes to help increase potential overnight tourism in Marshalltown. All grant applications must be received by the 1st day of January, April, July or October.

Tourism offers three types of grants:

Beginning in the July 2022, event grants will only be awarded for new events, or recurring events which have added a new program or offering to attract more visitors.

Meeting, conventions, sporting events, tournaments and community events: This grant provides assistance toward design and production costs for brochures, fliers, posters, direct mail pieces and postage costs for pre-meeting mailings; placement costs for newspaper, radio, magazine, or television ads and off-site signage; a portion of bid costs may be funded to obtain conferences, meetings, sporting events or tournaments; motor coach rental to be used for local tours; and transportation costs between scheduled Marshalltown meeting/lodging facilities. 

Capital Funding: This grant is exclusive to capital improvements for existing or newly developed buildings and/or structures for the Marshalltown area that will generate tourism activity.

All grant applications must be received by the 1st day of January, April, July or October.  If you have any questions or to obtain a grant application, contact our office at 641-753-6645 or ddoes@marshalltown.org.


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