Distinctly Different

What is the best thing about living in Marshalltown?

Marshalltown has “…a small-town feel–small enough to build meaningful relationships, but large enough to offer opportunities for entertainment and involvement.” – A 20-something recent college graduate

“Marshalltown has a small-town feel, yet offers large-city conveniences. The people are very welcoming, and I love that we can make an impact by simply getting involved. Short commutes and lunch at home with my kids are nice, too.” – A recently-transplanted professional

If those assessments resonate with you, we invite you to explore our community further. Marshalltown is a city of 27,053 residents (2020 estimate) who come from all walks of life and diverse ethic backgrounds. We are fortunate to have a likewise diverse and sturdy economic foundation. Companies with a strong international presence and leading-edge technology state-of-the-art agricultural enterprises, and businesses with strong market share within their industry sector make up our economy. Blended into the economic mix are a committed medical community, a strong education system and the well-established and respected Iowa Veterans Home.