Distinctly Different

Simple things you can do to grow your social media presence

By Andrew Potter
Tourism Director

Below are some simple steps to help your social media page get noticed and land more followers:

  • Always use photos when you can. Photos of people (or pets) are the best to use. Some examples include giving recognition to an employee who has stepped up by posting their photo, acknowledging a vendor you work with, highlighting an international day that corresponds with your business.
  • Add a personal touch. With so many things being done by machines, people appreciate a personal touch. Does your store owner have an interesting hobby? Provide a little bit of personal information to let people know there are real people working behind the business.
  • Videos always get more attention on social media. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood-produced production. Use your cellphone and upload a quick video to let people know what’s going on in your business.  Keep it at 30 – 60 seconds so as not to lose attention spans. 
  • Encourage interaction. People love competing in contests and quizzes. Write posts that encourage others to post on your social media as well. It’s a great way to give exposure to your social media page. If you can increase interaction and comments on a post that will increase the number of people who see the post.

In conclusion, these are all things you can do from your home or work office that don’t require a ton of extra time and that will really make your page stand out.