The Amateur Astronomers of Central Iowa (AACI) cordially invite you to join us every Friday evening that weather permits as we look at the many wonders that can be seen in an amateur telescope in the night sky – craters on the Moon, Saturn and it’s rings, Jupiter and it’s moons, Mars, Venus, nebula, binary/multiple star systems, and galaxies.

Special Events:
During the day on June 10 @ 11:00 AM • Green Castle Recreation Area (GCRA) is our Club Solar Picnic @ the Gander Lookout Shelter at GCRA. AACI will have safety filters on telescopes so we can all look at our Sun.
Friday, July 14 • 8:45 PM • Dean Memorial Observatory
Presentation: Saturn
Friday, August 11 • 8:15 PM • Dean Memorial Observatory
Presentation: August 21 Total Solar Eclipse.
ExtraSpecial Event
Monday, August 21 • Total Solar Eclipse
The narrow, about 60 mile wide, path of this total solar eclipse will cross the US from Oregon to South Carolina. The path of totality will just graze the southwest corner of Iowa.
Many Iowans will travel to Nebraska or Missouri so they can see the total eclipse from inside the path of totality.
Friday, September 22 • 7:30 PM • Dean Memorial Observatory -Presentation: Planetary Nebula
Saturday, September 30 – Astronomy Day
​Details will be announced when they are available.
Friday, October 13 • 6:30 PM • Dean Memorial Observatory – Presentation: How Far Is It?
Friday, November 10 • 7:00 PM • Fisher Community Center – Presentation: Black Holes

You can contact us and/or get more club/amateur astronomy information on our website:

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Date(s) - Friday, September 22, 2017
7:30 pm

Dean Memorial Observatory/Green Castle Recreation Area