Marshalltown Rocks! Outdoor Treasure Hunt

A special commemorative Kids to Parks Week is being planned in Marshalltown. For this event the Marshalltown Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with Marshalltown High School Physical Education Instructor, Chris Ehlert, are launching a Marshalltown Rocks! Outdoor Treasure Hunt Event program to Get Kids to Parks during the week of May 13-20. In this program kids (and their parents) will paint ordinary small rocks of any shape in bright colors with pictures, positive sayings or anything that may brighten someone else’s day. The rocks are to spread joy and inspire creativity in both the designer and finder! The painted rocks will then be placed in area parks, playgrounds and along our recreational trails throughout the city.

The rules are simple for this “Treasure Hunt”: If you find a rock you can keep it or re hide it, if you do keep it, you must hide a new painted rock. Some rocks may have very simple designs and others may be works of art. Giving out and sharing these beautiful, miniature pieces of art and collecting others creations are all part of the fun!

Steps for Creating your Marshalltown Rock!:
1. Select small rocks of any shape or size.
2. Paint designs and sayings with colored acrylic water based paints (Wallmart), sparkling finger nail polish or paint pens.
3. Attach a label or write a Facebook page address on the back if desired or your name.
4. Seal with Crystal Clear enamel spray if needed.
5. Leave your creation in a city park (away from mowed areas), playground area or along one of our recreational trails the
week of May 13-20. Make sure it is somewhat visible so it can be found!
6. If you do find a painted rock with a Facebook page, please post so we know where it ended up. (Marshalltown Parks
and Recreation Department).

A Marshalltown Rocks! Painting Party is being planned for anyone interested on Wednesday, May 10 from 2:30pm to 5:00pm at the Marshalltown High School in the Team Room. Rocks, paint and supplies will be provided. Kids may also bring their own rocks. Maps of all Marshalltown parks will be provided and after completing their rock painting kids are encouraged to place and collect rocks throughout the city parks from May 13-20 on this Outdoor Treasure Hunt.

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Date(s) - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
All Day